Type: Personal Project
Project scope: February 2020-Today


Connecting kids with illustration through the magic of dinosaurs

Dinofriday club is a weekly guide to draw dinosaurs in 5 steps. For 20 weeks (and counting), I have been posting and building a community of dino-lovers focused on kids (6-14) and their parents.

Through my dinosaurs, I have reached 17,600 people with my posts, engaging with my audience through social media and a weekly Newsletter reaching 200+ subscribers.

Every Friday they receive a newsletter with a new dinosaur, fun facts, and a printable version to guide them. 



If you can draw circles and lines you can draw anything

Illustrations are simple to encourage parents to share it with their kids, easy to follow and short to keep them engaged.


What's in the mail?

Beautiful nerdy facts

I curate a collection of easy to remember and exciting facts to stimulate the conversation between kids and their parents. It also works for grown-ups only.


My Values

Say hello!

I keep the conversation flowing with my community. They teach me and correct me. I'm happy to learn

Show up

No matter what, I publish one dinosaur every Friday. My dinofriends wait for it, and it keeps me accountable. I’ve built a routine around it, and I enjoy every bit of it.


Every Wednesday I post the art of my community. This practice inspires others to draw, share and It's my way of telling them, 'you are important'


The community

An engaged community

18k Dinolovers reached through Instagram
200 Dinofriends subscribed (and counting)

“My son likes your drawings.
He’s drawing your dinosaurs following your steps”
Ingke, @Indonesia

“Your job of teaching drawing and science to children is wonderful, it's really cool! Congratulations!!”
Demetrius, @Brazil

“I love your illustrations. They are joyful and positive. They are needed today more than ever”
Anja, @Mexico

“I love this! Would you be willing to do a virtual class for a summer camp? ”
Rachel, @USA

All images © Adrian Monroy 2021

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